Empowering Farmers

The Gra-Zine (gray-zeen) is a zine (or self-published magazine) brought to you by Grassland 2.0 — a collaborative group of farmers, researchers, and public & private sector leaders working to promote grazing in the Upper Midwest.

Vol. 3

Land Reform

Vol. 2

Land Use in America

Vol. 1

The Land Series

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In the spirit and service of Grassland 2.0, the Gra-Zine focuses on issues unique to the challenges of graziers in the Upper Midwest.

About This Zine

Our goal at the Gra-Zine is to empower farmers. We are committed to understanding and communicating how power shapes our agri-food system here in the United States, and how power can be shifted back into the hands of farmers themselves. We define “farmer” as anyone who stewards the land — whether you’re a land owning farmer, tenant farmer, a farm manager, a farm worker, or just trying to break into the biz, you are a farmer in our book! This zine is for you. 

If you eat, this ZINE is for you!

You don’t have to be a farmer to influence, and be influenced by, the power relations of agriculture, however. If you eat, this zine is for you too! 


The Gra-Zine collage artist: Hannah Kass


Grassland 2.0 Curriculum Development Team Lead: Michael Bell



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